Tuesday, July 12, 2011


TURNED A CORNER!!!  I was beginning to think the room was ROUND!  My DH...my DM and my DS all told me I would make it...hang in there...you will get there...well...I listened...but still thought they were full of SHIT!  But...today came, and I'm back at work (light duty)...I have 3 hours left and think I'll make it!!!  Yea...it was worse than i thought it would be...i'm not gonna lie.  Nothing to motivate you like feeling like you've been hit by a freight train!! 
Had my staples removed yesterday...all incisions look great...still can't move gas through smoothly...it's all still getting hung up in places and so much damn fun.  I think a lot of it is how I am swallowing...how much air I am taking down with the fluids.  I've got to learn how to drink again...any tips??? 
I have dropped a lot of weight though!!!  from 252 to 224 today!  YIPPEEE!! (i still feel like i look like a sick geriatric patient.)  I have had some hunger pains, so surgeon said I could move ahead (2 days early) to full liquids.  Blended up some soup this morning and it was yummy.  Had some yogurt...and enjoyed it too...split it into three servings and let Avis (our canine on loan from friends spending 2 years in China with the Peace Corp.)  lick the container...she loves Greek.

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Darlin1 said...

From this point on I hope it's all better for you! Welcome to the other side.....it's great!