Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Came home from vacation and started mushies minus ONE POUND!!!

YEA!  I'M GOING TO CELEBRATE THE HELL OUTTA THIS POUND!!!  One pound down cha cha cha  One pound down cha cha cha...That means I could be in the two hundred teens soon!!!!   I walked to work yesterday and it took me 25 minutes...so I'm making it a routine...(not so hard to do now while DH is outta town and there's still a car in the shop...hehee)
Here are a few more vacation shots...i can't stop looking at them!!!  Love you guys!!!
 Majestic Grand Tetons
 Hike to Hidden Falls
 Hidden Falls
 Yes...i'm stealing sugar
 Posing for PapaDoc
 Mulies in the velvet in Colorado

Splish Splash!!!


Ronnie said...

Looks like you had a great time! Great job with getting some exercise in this morning. :)

Oh, and definitely celebrate the pound!

Amanda Kiska said...

Beautiful photos! Good job with that pound. You look great!

Bel said...

What a lovely place to vacation.

I agree totally with celebrating each pound! There's one that you will never see on the scales again!

Thanks for commenting on my blog!