Friday, July 1, 2011

New purpose to my blog!

Hi everyone...or anyone...just wanted open up and say that I'm currently undergoing the pre-op portion of my upcoming Lap Band surgery.  I am just 6 days away from changing my life forever.  Now...this doesn't mean that I've stopped sewing...but I've decided to put my health first for now.  My youngest child just graduated from high school in I feel like I'm finally able to put myself a little higher on the priority list for now!! Yea!! 
My decision to band came about 6 weeks was a funny thing...i just decided one weekend, after reading and researching...that it would be the answer for me.  I've dieted my entire life...and the result of that is sitting an uncomfortable weight with bad knees, terrible feet, three bulging disks in my lumbar spine, sleep apnea so severe I can't go without my CPAP for even one night, and more hope than I've had in years and years!
I've been on a liquid/protein shake diet for seven days, and will be on it thru my surgery date of July 7th.  Not much longer now!! YEA!!
I'm getting so much inspiration and motivation from all of the blogs of my fellow bandsters!!!  I can't wait to just read through everyone's journey!!! 
That's about it...I'll keep posting!
Highest weight: 267
Current weight: 237
Goal weight:  170
Surgery Date:  7/7/11

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