Thursday, November 12, 2009

Going to the big "D"

Good Afternoon!  Well, as you can see my life has been very busy lately, October is gone and we're halfway thru November, and I'm still not making great strides in the quilt making department!  But we got our offices moved at work...(yuk!  there are more mice and rats where i work than citizens of Plainview!!!!! can you say Hanta Virus???)...we finished up a huge fundraiser for my husband's work that lasted 9 days!!...and tonight is opening night for the show he's directing, and I've been helping out with costuming again!  So i am 100% guilty of using my sewing machine...just not for what I want to use it for!!!

I am planning on working on this project this weekend, but not how you may think!  I'm going to Dallas to celebrate my birthday!! 
And the best part is that my wonderful friend from Little Rock is meeting me there, along with my sister and her best friend (who is having a birthday too!!)  It was all my sister's fantastic idea...YEA!!!  Two of us are flying in, and the second two are picking us up at the airport, at which point we are heading straight to a fabric store unlike any fabric stores in these parts!!!  Three of the four of us sew, sew we may be in there for hours!!!  I'm so excited!! I hope i find some really great stuff to bring home.

I was talking to my husband about the work I've been doing helping out with the costuming at the theatre, and i think i've figured out why it's not as fulfilling as i thought it might be.  Normally, the costuming process for each show is like this...costumes are pulled from the shop, and i make any necessary alterations.  If it's a very elaborate costume, we normally rent it, because it's either above my sewing skill, or even though i could make it, there is not enough time.  So i get really no creative expression doing it, which is why i decided to take on  the costuming it in the first place.  I've got numerous yards of fabric for costumes that I had planned to make, only to run out of time and end up at a local thrift shop or calling a professional costume company for a rental.  So, perhaps working a full-time desk job and costuming on the side is going to take more effort from me!!  Okay...enough soul searching...just wanted to pop in and say that things are looking good for some progress on the Gus and Fiona project!