Monday, July 25, 2011

Back from VACATION!!! Going on three weeks Post OP!!!

Hello all of my beautiful blogland babes!  What a wonderful time we had!  Yellowstone and the Tetons were majestic and wonderful...we hiked, floated, smooched on our kids and grandson and had an amazing time!  I will be three weeks post op on Thursday, so I'm eating softies now.  I will weigh in tomorrow...but I think I am probably about the same as before I left...which is a new one for me!!  I am learning to feel the band, and am realizing how important it will be not to drink during meals, because I think I can tell when I am just funneling the food through the band and when it is actually filling my new pouch.  I don't think I did as well as I could have...I was picking all day although i never really ate more than my allotment during each meal.  I am having all of these fears of messing up the band, flipping it...moving it...not letting it get settled in to it's spot...hope that's normal!   gee whiz... are some pictures...i can really see the weight gone that I've already lost...old clothes that fit again is so much fun!!!!  Thanks for all of the blog love from everyone!!  I love being here!!!  Will post my weigh in tomorrow!!! 


Darlin1 said...

Great pic's .....thanks for sharing!

Your clothes fitting loosely is a great feeling .....isn't it?

dede said...

Yes, it's wonderful!! Can't wait to get the sewing machine after some of them...I'm not buying anything new until I hit the 190# mark!