Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Well...it’s official!!! I’m going to ALASKA!!! WHOOOP WHHOOOPP! Yes, it’s not for another 10 months...but WHO-WAA! My DH has to be in Anchorage next June on business, so I will fly up after his business is finished...and we are going to stay an additional 10 days or so! Our plans at this point are to fish for a day or so then take a float plane out to a remote cabin provided by the Park Service where the pilot will drop us off and them come back for us at the end of our stay!!! No electricity, no indoor plumbing, just a wood stove and wooden bunks!!!! Oh, and a rowboat if we’re lucky! This may not sound like paradise to some of my sweet sisters out there...but believe me...this is my version of heaven!!

Now to band business...I am feeling much better, my diverticulitis seems to have just about healed up. I have four more days on the antibiotics...and have started eating regular food again. I haven’t added in any significant high fiber foods yet, due to the fact that I’m still supposed to be on pureed foods. I have to admit, I’m mostly just chewing my food really well instead of getting the blender/food processor out at this point. Thursday will be week four post op...so I’m on a regular diet then. I’ve been looking at ways to get the most fiber into my diet and still eat a lap band friendly diet. Prunes are always an option, and I went and got enough Bene-fiber to last me till I’m 90. Then there is always beans, beans and beans...get ready hunnie!

I’ve been eating smaller portions and hiding my drink at meal time. I think not drinking during meals is the biggest game changer for me. When I stay completely away from liquids at meal time...I eat VERY small portions! So my DH is helping me remember to “step away from the glass!”

Well...that’s all my news for today! Have a wonderful day sweet peeps!!!

Love love



~Lisa~ said...

Ohhhh that Alaska trip looks absolutely AMAZING!! I would love to do that!!

I'm glad the diverticulitis is on the mend!!

Anonymous said...

No indoor plumbing in ALASKA???? Oh my.

Yup, not drinking is super hard for me too. I cheat too often and am trying to stop that NOW. I always drank after every bite before. Now I concentrate on putting down the fork and chewing instead of taking a drink. It helps some.

I am glad you are feeling better.

Ronnie said...

That sounds absolutely AMAZING. I know you'll have a great time. :)

I love beans, and there are so many different kinds out there! I know you can get all your fiber in, I believe in you! lol

Also, it gets easier with not eating and drinking at the same time - promise!

Sarah G said...

I'm glad you are healing!

I lived in Alaska for the majority of my childhood and a good portion of my adult life. (We left 7 yrs ago) We weren't outdoorsy people though. :) Good luck with the outhouse!