Saturday, October 17, 2009

I guess what I’m making here is a tacked quilt. I am sewing pieces together, then, instead of quilting the front to the back, I am tacking it with one stitch in every piece. Here is a scanned drawing of what I mean…not perfect of course…

The back of the blanket that we slept under was just a solid piece of material that was satiny. And the tacks taken in the center of each triangle, when you flip it over, make circles all over the back!! (you can kind of see where I’ve drawn them in on the back of the paper!

There is probably a name for this type of blanket/quilt, and I’m certain there is an easier way to put it all together than I will…but this is it nonetheless. And I’m jumping in head first!

I don’t know if making this quilt (okay okay I’ll call it a quilt) can possibly be any more fun than it already has been. My husband and I went fabric shopping one day this summer for material for this particular project. We took a couple deep breaths outside of the fabric store and took a moment to concentrate on our friends. We whispered their names and with only one goal in mind…charged in full force. It took a few moments…but we split up, each with a basket…and began our search for fabric that sang songs of our friends, Gus and Fiona. My husband and I have only known them for a few years, but they both work with my husband, and have acted and sung in many of the shows my husband has directed. They are much younger than we are, but are both so incredibly talented, and we expect they will both be very successful in their chosen paths. Sssooo…after at least two hours of rummaging through bolt after bolt of fabric…digging through remnant bins…and knodding and grimacing at each other across the store, we finally met and compared and combined our selections. Yes, I de-selected a few of his…and re-thought a few of mine…but I knew in my head what I wanted…and some of our picks were just a little “off”. I was happy with our bounty of loot, and we were off to do more running around.

I am currently sewing with a singer machine that I purchased at Wal-Mart a few years ago. I suppose all girls dream of a Bernina…my sister has one, my mother has one…and I hope to have one too someday, so, just for fun, hubby and I dropped by the Bernina store, which neither one of us had ever been in. Oh My…that’s really all I need to say…Oh My…the good news is…THEY SELL REALLY GREAT FABRIC THERE!!! We found our very favorite material there for this project…fabric that told the story of our friends so well!! What a jackpot! Our day was complete!! And we managed to leave the Bernina store for less than $40. YIIPPEEEE!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey sister! I love the bernina store story! The only time I ever went into a bernina store it cost me $1800! If I ever hit the lottery I will buy you one! If you search the web there is an easier way to make that quilt than sew each individul piece together! I have seen it done on tv before! I think the program was called simply quilts. You also can print off graph paper on a graph paper website and it is great for drawing out quilts. I wish we lived closer! Hey, on our weekend together we should drag the girls to some fabric shops and talk quilts. I am making lap quilts for Jessica's friends for graduation! So I need some cool fabrics. I love you and Dolly would be proud!

dede said...

Thanks, Sister! I think fabric shopping in Dallas in a WONDERFUL idea...i know Denise would love it too!! And Brenda can run around in cirlces picking stuff out for you to make her!!!!