Friday, October 16, 2009

Hiya, I’m dede and I wanted to start a blog about a blanket I’m making for some friends of mine. I have made a few baby blankets in my life…several, in fact, for my amazing Grandson who is so adorable it hurts! I’ve quilted some (machine), and made some with trim and tacking, but they have all been small, yet made with love.

My hubby and I were with friends one weekend back in the early spring, and we were taking a tour of a new/old place we’d been hearing a lot of great things about. The place is Marfa, Texas. We were in for quite a long drive…but it was worth it, as this little place is an art explosion! We toured galleries, went to openings…ate great food, and even did some shopping at an amazing grocery store (Red Fire Ice Cream rocks-Mexican ancho & chipotle chilies + Ceylon cinnamon + dark chocolate ice cream!!) My recommendation to anyone wanting an artful weekend getaway is to head to Marfa, TX!! Anywhoo…while there, we stayed at a fascinating rental that is a renovated old adobe type home. The room my hubby and I were in had a beautiful blanket/quilt on the bed that I fell in love with! And my hope is it to make one like it for some friends of ours who were married this year.

Now, let me take this moment to say, that I am not a seamstress…I feel more like an inventor. I know my way around a sewing machine just enough to be dangerous. So please don’t expect perfection from me…because I certainly don’t expect it from myself. My goal is to create something from the heart, and not worry that I’m making up instructions as I go along. Now…that’s not to say I wouldn’t welcome your comments and suggestions…because I’m all about that!

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