Saturday, October 17, 2009


Here is the fabric i'll be using.  I actually have possession of the shirts that each of my friends was wearing the night he i'm going to use them in the quilt...along with a shirt i just went and bought at the coffee haus where the proposal happenend...(THANKS, JESSIE!!!  LOVE YOUR HAIR!!)  The groom also worked there for a long it's got double meaning! is most of the fabric...


Anonymous said...

Ok, sometimes you get lost but it does help! The fabric is beautiful! I bet you spent a fortune! Did you watch any youtube? Can't wait to see it finished!

dede said...

THANKS! I've actually found one more fabric i'm going to have to use, it's from some pants that i made for myself and wore over halloween, and when i saw Fiona, she LOVED the i'm going to put some of it in the quilt too.
The You Tube hint was perfect! I'm going to try it, but with some scrap fabric so i can get my measurements right, my goal is to stay square!!! Do you know how to measure a seam allowance if you can't see the grooved guide one the plate? I don't know how to take a 7/8" seam when the fabric is covering up my measurement guides...any advice???
thanks love!