Friday, April 13, 2012

Helloooo Sweet BOOBS!! Long time no seeee!!!

Yes, I am among this living!!  YEA!!  I have had some ups and downs...but things are looking better every day!!  I have to have a colon resection next week due to my extensive diverticulitis much will 12 inches of my colon weigh???? Could i finally get below 200?????? Not funny...I know...but I be lying if i said i hadn't been thinking about it!!!  I haven't been able to get a fill in quite some time due to the risk of a foreign body infection with the I don't even know how much my band has in it anymore!!!

I will be in the hospital for 5-7 days, and off work for 3 weeks!!!! 3 weeks!!!! a new one for me...don't know if i'll be able to handle it!!!!  Hubby is being so wonderful and will be moving his office to the house to help me recoup.  I have been working out trying to get as strong as I can pre-op...this surgery is NOT going to knock me down...why??? BECAUSE WE ARE STILL GOING TO HIKE THROUGH ALASKA IN JUNE!!!  I CAN do this!!!

Here are a few pics from an 8 mile hike we took a few weeks times!!! 

Love you gals!!!  I'll do better keeping posted!!!!

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Jazzing up Jackie said...

Glad to see you're still alive :) Missed you! Hope your surgery goes well and you have a quick recovery.