Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hello BlogWorld! Is it Friday yet????

Hello BlogWorld! I’ve been blog lazy this week (or two)...shout out to my little sis for getting me off my butt and getting a new blog up! I haven’t lost any more weight, so I’ve started journaling my food today. Okay...time for honesty now...i just now stopped to journal cuz I really hadn’t done it yet, so i stopped to do it so I wouldn’t be a big ol liar...and in doing so...took the handful of chocolates out of my scrub pocket and put them back in the stash i lifted them from!! Blogging really does help...(thanks again sister!!) that I’m really journaling my food...I’m going to list my other goals for the next week.

1) Keep journaling my food. (gotta keep telling myself)

2) Keep riding my bike to and from work.

3) Get up and get on the elliptical at least 4 mornings.

4) Go to the Y and do my quad workout for my knees.

5) Try an early morning spin class cuz i’m late shift next week.

6) Drink more water and less crystal light.

My band and I have been getting along well, I go in for my second fill on the 22nd of this month, the day before I leave on a quick trip to see the kids for my grandson’s third birthday partay! I am still sitting at 219, and have been My knees are feeling much better though...i can do the stairs with little to no pain anymore! Yea! I deconstructed a pair of scrub pants last week and used them for a pattern to try and make a new pair...I haven’t had time to sew them up...but I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes! I am still wearing all of the same clothes, and will be glad to get into some smaller ones!

I made an inspiration board the other night...just because I am very visually motivated, and it helps me to stand in front of it in the mornings and get excited about where I’m going to be able to go with my band. Just reminding myself that I’ve got to do my part to keep the ball rolling...and roll it will!! One of my short term goals is to be down to 210 by mid-late November for an annual Christmas shopping gig in Dallas that my sister and friends do every year. If any of you Dallas area gals want to have a mini-meet drop me a note! Could be so fun! I’m not going to Chicago this I’m looking for all of the love I can get!!

My Inspiration Board


Ronnie said...

I'm in for the mini-meet! I live in McKinney, about 40 mins north of Dallas.

Also, great to see ya back - I just came and visited today to see if I missed a blog from ya. :)

Cece said...

You are doing great on those workouts ... maybe you are building lean muscles and the scale is just being lazy in catching up !

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Love inspiration boards! Hate elipticals! LOL

Anonymous said...

Riding your bike to work sounds great.
Love the board, what a cool idea.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! You did it!!! Shout out right back at ya! I think you are doing great! Love ya!

~Lisa~ said...

I love, love, LOVE your inspiration board!! What a terrific idea - thank YOU!

Kelli said...

Hi Dede, thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind comments. I look forward to getting to know ya better...

Brenda said...

Dede, I nominated you for an award! Check out the nomination on my blog.